Congress Tackling Patent Reform

Wed, 21 Feb 2007 12:22:00 EST

"Although Congress has long considered the patent system a shambles and has attempted to pass corrective legislation several times in the past, the issue is so sprawling and integral to the U.S. economy that progress has come slowly and in grudging increments. But lawmakers in the current Congress have vowed anew to clean up a system overwhelmed by frivolous patent applications and expensive lawsuits."

"So how to fix the system?

Witnesses said one of the most important steps would be to raise the standards for an idea to be patentable. Congress should mandate a strong post-grant review procedure to cut down on expensive lawsuits and allow complainants to bring evidence to the patent office directly. The United States should also make efforts to harmonize its patent system with those in Europe and Japan, to increase common intellectual property that could benefit U.S. businesses."

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