ASIA Top Level Domain Around the Corner

Fri, 16 Feb 2007 10:06:00 EST

Get ready for the rush. With the introduction of the .ASIA TLD coming, trademark owners are getting ready to register their trademarks with the new domain. Failing that, they're getting ready to sue whoever inadvertently or purposefully registers a domain using their trademarks. With a market of over 400 million internet users (and growing quickly), the new Asian TLD will give trademark owners a chance to endorse their marks in the quickly growing economies of the East.

"However, while .ASIA launch will likely be as attractive to trademark owners as the .eu launch, the .ASIA launch procedures are designed to avoid many of the problems that befell the .eu launch. For example, the .ASIA launch will include a multi-tiered Sunrise period with application deadlines for qualifying trademarks, the ability to register keywords with the trademark, and live auctions. These strategies are aimed at ensuring that more legitimate trademark owners are able to acquire the .ASIA domains corresponding to and incorporating their trademarks, and to promote actual use of .ASIA domains by registrants in the form of content relevant to the .ASIA community. The benefit to trademark owners of increased content relevant to the .ASIA community is that internet users in this community will be more apt to navigate to domains in the .ASIA TLD which translates to increased traffic to the trademark owner's websites, and thus increased sales or exposure to potential Asian consumers."

Thanks Ladas & Parry LLP / Ladas Domains LLC for that information.

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