Famous Mark Trumps Birth Name

Sun, 13 Dec 2005 12:07:00 EST

Samantha Buck's business, Sambuck's Coffee, has lost its battle with Starbucks when a federal judge ruled that Starbucks' copyright protection trumped Samantha's ability to use her own name with her business.

"The case does have gray areas: Samantha Buck began using the name Samantha Lundberg when she married in 1993, seven years before she opened Sambuck?s. This lends credence to an observation by a guest to Sam?s Web site, who noted: 'If Starbucks did not exist, Samantha Bucks would not have named her coffee house Sam Bucks. It is obvious that she did it to sell coffee.'

Another entry observed that Starbucks risks a public relations backlash with such an aggressive trademark defense: 'Although I believe in brand identity, it is a dangerous road that Starbucks has chosen in bringing suit against small business owners. The public will begin to see Starbucks as just another huge corporation with dollar signs and attorneys where their corporate heart once was.'"

Read more at the Corvallis Gazette-Times

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