Brian Suomela

Software Craftsman

Brian contributes to the maintenance of CDNameSearch software and, like a magician, somehow manages to whip up miracles in the form of new product features. Brian has also been known to put on his database administrator's hat in order to tune webservice performance and ensure reliable server operation. He believes that if more developers believed in software craftsmanship, then the average software user experience would be more enjoyable.


Bachelor of Computer Science, Honours (Carleton University)
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry Honours (University of Ottawa)

Brian brings experience with server-side technologies used in enterprise information systems (Vaasah Inc.) and distributed computer systems (Ontario Genomics Innovation Center). He has several publications on the subject of searching large text repositories, high-performance data mining and the design of search systems. Brian speaks fluent English, French and Finnish.

In his spare time:

Brian enjoys attending OCRI events, tweaking open-source software, building useful software, and woodworking. In the summer he plays soccer and golf, in the winter it's all about hockey, basketball and snowboarding.

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