Corporate Trademark Search Solution

Corporate Trademark Search Solution

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Trademarks and brands add value to your productsamd your business as a whole. To maintain that value it's absolutely necessary to safely register and protect your marks. The CDNameSearch Trademark Search Engine offers one of the best platforms to do just that.

Do It Yourself

Nothing can replace proper legal council before applying for registration, this is true, but CDNameSearch can benefit your business in other areas. Give yourself the power to perform knockout searches to gain some preliminary information on that new brand, before you commit large resources to it. Give yourself the ability to monitor your, your competitor's or your industry's trademarks to ensure that your brands aren't being diluted, and that there aren't any new entrants in the market. And do all this in a safe, fast, accurate and efficient environment.

The CDNameSearch Advantage

The internet is an easily monitored place, why risk letting the competition know the name of your new brand by searching in the open? Outsourcing the job is no better; unknown employees don't know your business and have no vested interest in keeping your proposed mark a secret.

Trust CDNameSearch, our Local Database runs securely off of your hardrive, ensuring that what you search for is yours alone to know.

Product Cycle
An unfortunate problem with basic product cycle theory is that it sometimes doesn't take trademark searching into consideration early enough to avoid potentially wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours. Give your branding people the ability to find out early whether a proposed brand has already been registered before you sink money into developping it.

CDNameSearch's speed makes knockout searching quick and easy.

Find Competitors
Finding the competition in a new or existing market can be a lengthy process. Use CDNameSearch to easily find competitors, even new entrants, by zero'ing in on marks with the same Goods and Services as you. Once you know who they are, use CDNameSearch to scan their trademark activity over the last few months. Trademark activity can be very telling of what the competition has planned for the future. You can even find early signs of intent to enter the market.

Make sure you're up to speed with what's going on in your market, and protect your brand equity while you're at it. You can be sure that your competition is.

Professional Search Tool
Give your in-house corporate council the tools it needs to search professionally. Save time by not having to go to an outside searcher for simple knockout searches. CDNameSearch's speed ensures that what used to be a tedious job can now be done faster and with far fewer mouse clicks. CDNameSearch automatically creates evidence trails that could help you prove that a mark was not used in bad faith, potentially avoiding a loss to a malicious law suits.

Finally, use CDNameSearch's built-in report generator to quickly and easily print-out, export or email a report to those who need it. CDNameSearch offers multiple types of report and allows to customize them to meet your business' needs. The ROI in time saved alone make CDNameSearch an investment worth every dime.

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