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R&D Objectives

The founders of CDNameSearch were members of the team that designed CIPO's trademark database. Because of that experience, they came to know it inside-out. Using that knowledge, we've spent much of our R&D budget in improving the trademark data we receive with automated text classifiers, in creating a more intuitive user interfaces, and in implementing better search indices. Our objective is to reduce the risk that you will miss relevant marks, and to reduce the time you spend searching for those marks.

CDNameSearch Can be Used to Search For:

  • Canadian and USPTO Trademarks
  • Designs and Logos
  • The Current Status of Pending Trademark Applications
  • The Name and Address of Trademark Owners and their Agents
  • The Ownership History of Registered Trademarks
  • Security Assignments and Deeds
  • Trademarks which May Infringe your Own
  • Your Competition and Customer's Trademark Portfolios, Including New Applications
  • The Trademarks of Anyone Selling, or Considering Selling, Similar Goods and Services in your Market Segment
  • And Much More...

CDNameSearch gives you the tools the peer into the PTO's trademark data and recover exactly what you need.

Easy Design Mark Searching

Years of analyzing index headings, colour claims and description of marks have yielded more than 100,000 Vienna Code additions to our enhanced data. We've also added searchable terms in English and French, derived from the index headings, into the Vienna descriptions. On top of that, CDNameSearch's interface takes away the rigours of design searching and make it quick, efficient and easy.

Enhanced Nice Classes

In both the CIPO and USPTO databases we occasionally find miss-classified goods and services. CIPO uses a computer to classify their trademarks, but hasn't updated to the eighth edition of the Nice classes. Also, when the USPTO switched classification schemes in January 2002 they did not re-classify old marks. They rely on the applicant to classify his own marks when he files online, and so the classification is irregular and unreliable for searching. To address these problems, CDNameSearch classifies all marks (not just new applications) with its own enhanced Nice Edition 8 classes, on top of the USPTO and CIPO classes. This protects you and helps prevent other's mistakes from costing you.

Comprehensive Full Text Searching

Our indexing allows you to search most parts of the Full Text with CIPO marks, and Disclaimer and 2(f) statements with USPTO marks, so you can find exactly what you need.

On top of that, USPTO Full Texts combine Assignments, Status and Proceedings on a single Full Text entry, making them fully integrated.


Our latest Reporting System allows you to print and export customizable reports. Our powerful reporting system gives you the flexibility and style you need to customize and create professional reports that suite your needs.


You can easily manage thousands of search results effectively by describing why a mark is relevant to the search using fully customizable labels. Use these labels in conjunction with a report for greater coordination with your clients or coworkers and avoid misinterpretations and mistakes.


CDNameSearch offers USPTO and CIPO databases.

Want more details? Compare our features to what other engines offer in this item by item comparison.

CDNameSearch features the fastest, most accurate and efficient trademark search engine. Show me.

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