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What is CDNameSearch

CDNameSearch, along with being the name of our company, is also the name of our product. In the simplest of terms, CDNameSearch is a trademark search engine right on your desktop, no internet required. It facilitates the searching of trademark databases. Much like an Internet Search Engine helps you find just the website you're looking for, so too does CDNameSearch help you find an exact, or similar, match to the trademark you're searching for.

And just like with internet searching, there are many search engines available.

Some are better than others.

Why is this?

Search engines all have two things in common, a blank search field and a search button. What varies beyond these similarities lies in the flexibility, specificity or variability of the search parameters, and what then happens in the core of the engine behind the scenes. A consequence of this is that different engines will likely never display the exact same set of results.

The CDNameSearch Solution

This is why the CDNameSearch search engine was designed to maximize the amount of relevant results returned, often returning more than the competition, ensuring you don't miss what other engines might.

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