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CDNameSearch Interactive Trademark Search Engine

CDNameSearch Corp publishes searchable trademark information setting new standards in trademark search technology. Based in Ottawa, CDNameSearch is a leader in the field of stand-alone trademark search software and is unique in its collaboration with Match-Tetra to serve the intellectual property industry by designing next generation technology for the IP value chain.

Our staff have been in the trademark automation and search business since the 1980s and worked on the automation team that designed and developed Canada's last two trademark administration systems and Mexico's current trademark administration system.

Our CDNameSearch search software was the first desktop trademark search engine, introduced in 1991, and has been continously improved. It still supports fast and confidential searching from a local database in optical disk. In 2006 we introduced the frist trademark search using XML web services.

Contact Info

CDNameSearch Corp.
496 Avalon Place
Ottawa, Ontario

1-613-739-2956 Office

email: Info@CDNameSearch.com

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