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Law Firm Trademark Search Solution

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We've spent years talking to our clients, lawyers and searchers, listening to their qualms and elations in the hopes of better understanding what they do day-in day-out. We've used this knowledge to craft the CDNameSearch Trademark Search Engine into a professional search tool that not only returns more, relevant results faster, but allows you to sift through those results and export your findings simply and with fewer mouse clicks.

Search quickly, search accurately, search professionally. The CDNameSearch Trademark Search Engine offers flexible, extendable and variable search criteria with multiple levels of depth and wildcard/operator use, giving you the tools you need to conduct a thoroughly comprehensive and dynamic search.

Don't let simple, clunky browser based search engines slow you down and limit the use of your skills. CDNameSearch's intuitive interface has very few limits on the number of results it can return and display, or on how you manage them afterwards. Forget counting minutes or limiting search results to save money. With CDNameSearch, search the way you need to search to do your job accurately and professionally.

The CDNameSearch Advantage

The internet is an easily monitored place, why risk having your search compromised by searching in the open? Trust CDNameSearch, our optical product runs securely off of your hardrive, ensuring that what you search for is yours alone to know. Since the data is yours to control, place it on a computer with no internet connection for the ultimate in security.Have the peace of mind of knowing that even if your internet service provider goes down, or if your computer crashes, CDNameSearch is always there.

Furthermore, with 14 years in the business and a consistent client track record for excellent customer support, CDNameSearch offers you a reliability that some search engines just can't.

Time Savings
Trademark searching takes time, sometimes what feels like too much time. Let CDNameSearch help cut down that time by not only offering you a quicker search engine, but also tools to easily sift through and export your results. Avoid meticulous sifting through slow-to-load pages, with CDNameSearch all your results are populated in an instant--even designs--in one central location. We've dedicated ourselves to getting a search done with the fewest clicks possible, and so even if a search is especially long, at least it's not a strainful experience.

On top of that, CDNameSearch creates an evidence trail automatically, helping to prove that a mark was not used in bad faith. Finally, CDNameSearch's built-in report generation and customization tools allows you quickly and easily print-out, export or email a customizable report to those who need it.

Professional Reports
Professional search reports are the bottom line, they're ultimately what your clients want. A report is nothing without the proper skill behind it, but a good report requires style, organization and aesthetics. Because of this, we've encountered many lawyers and searchers who meticulously put together stunning reports, copying and pasting, spending hours to create what their clients have come to expect from them.

What we've offered them are custom reports, made to look exactly like their original reports, but generated automatically with the click of a button. Whether for simple or complex reports, CDNameSearch's report generator saves you the trouble of having to compile a report from scratch, giving you more time to work on your priorities.

Do It Yourself
If you're tired, like a lot of our customers were, of having to email or walk to the searcher's office just to get the simplest of searches done, consider CDNameSearch's site licence. A site licence not only gives your searcher a professional search tool, but allows anyone in your office to have unlimited, on-demand, in-house trademark searching capabilities, saving you and your office some valuable time.

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