Leadership Profiles

Catalina Prado


Catalina is at the heart of the CDNameSearch team, always providing leadership, motivation and knowledge along with a healthy dose of pick-me-up. In her more than a decade of leading CDNameSearch, she has and continues to take a personal interest in managing CDNameSearch, often getting directly involved with our clients. It's no wonder that most of our clients know Catalina on a first name basis. Catalina holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, a M.Sc. in Computer Science, and an MBA.

Jim Supple

Research and Development Manager

Jim Supple manages CDNameSearch's research and new product development. He sets the long-term product vision and guides the R&D team. He participated on teams developing trademark and patent administration systems for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and for the government of Mexico, and had consulting assignments on trademarks or patents with the governments of Australia, New Zealand and Peru. For CIPO, he designed the Intrepid trademark database, and wrote over half the C22 patent administration system. (more...)

Parviz Kadivar

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Parviz is entrusted with the critical task of updating, testing and preparing data from CIPO and the USPTO to create and maintain the databases that make CDNameSearch the most reliable trademark research tool. Our customers also rely on Parviz for answers and solutions to any technical issues they face.

Nicholas Avellaneda

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Nicholas Avellaneda is responsible for the company's domestic and international marketing and business development initiatives. He organizes, coordinates and runs all marketing campaigns, trade show appearance advertising and sales projects. He is also responsible for managing all existing and new client accounts.

Brian Suomela

Software Craftsman

Brian contributes to the maintenance of CDNameSearch software and, like a magician, somehow manages to whip up miracles in the form of new product features. Brian has also been known to put on his database administrator's hat in order to tune webservice performance and ensure reliable server operation. He believes that if more developers believed in software craftsmanship, then the average software user experience would be more enjoyable. (more...)

Giancarlo Mancuso

Lead Pencil Pusher

As a technical writer, Giancarlo is in charge of website content, manual content, wiki administration and other miscellaneous makings of words and images. He is also in charge of keeping the team on their toes by incessantly asking them questions.

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