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Powerful Trademark Searching


No internet latency. With CDNameSearch's local edition, all trademark data is on your hard drive. CDNameSearch's webservice edition works right in the CDNameSearch client, so no browser latency. We optimize the trademark data we get straight from the PTOs to make CDNameSearch the fastest trademark engine on the market.
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With enhanced indices, error cross-checking and a rigorous search engine, CDNameSearch has been shown to return marks that other engines miss entirely.
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CDNameSearch is designed with search efficiency in mind, so that you can do the most with the least amount of effort. Search multiple trademark databases at once and use the user interface's powerful tools to manage your results efficiently.
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"Knock-Out" Searches

Do unlimited "knock-out" searches for potential new trademarks. Minimize your overall search time and external searches with the fastest knock-out searching on the market.


You can easily manage thousands of search results effectively by describing why a mark is relevant to the search using fully customizable labels. Use these labels in conjunction with a report for greater coordination with your clients or coworkers and avoid misinterpretations and mistakes.


With our site license, you can install CDNameSearch on a central server and give everyone in the office access to instant, on-site trademark search capabilities.

Update Frequency

CDNameSearch offers many ways to stay up to date. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

  • Local Disk Updates
    • Weekly
    • Bi-Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Webservice Updates (no shipping delay)
    • USPTO Daily
    • Weekly
    • Bi-Weekly
    • Monthly


CDNameSearch offers USPTO and CIPO databases.

Want more details? Compare our features to what other engines offer in this item by item comparison.

CDNameSearch features the fastest, most accurate and efficient trademark search engine. Show me.

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