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Do it Yourself

CDNameSearch Trademark Search Technology offers you the ability to have access to the entire USPTO and CIPO Trademark Registry right on your own desktop, no internet connection required. Database optimization and refining means CDNameSearch can and does return more relevant marks than free search engines. Furthermore, CDNameSearch's easy to use and easy to browse interface makes sifting through, sorting out and displaying your results a snap.

The Latest Release

Version 8.5 of CDNameSearch is the next generation in trademark search technology, empowering professional trademark searchers, intellectual property lawyers and corporations alike with flexible, easy to use, fast and powerful trademark searching, management and reporting, securely from one's own computer or over our secure internet protocol.

In this latest release, particular attention has been given to producing great looking reports, and to exporting trademark search results for presentations or multimedia, for analysis or documentation, within standard word processors, spreadsheet generator and databases such as SQL Server 2000.

CDNameSearch supports the latest Microsoft technology: Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP.

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